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Top 7 Movies with Men Singing Together

Cowboys, frat-boys, soldiers, fishermen and prisoners; what do they have in common? No, they are not Sarah Palin supporters. Each of these icon character types is represented in our list of the Top 7 non-musicals with men singing together. As to why Gene Wilder stars in three of these films, I can’t answer that.Read More

Top 7 New York Films

There have been more great films made in New York than any other city. It’s hard to narrow it down to seven. What I tried to do is pick the ones where the city play a major character in the film. So here they are and I’m sure as always I’ll think of a few that should have made the list once I post this.Read More

Top 7 Labor Day Comedies

It’s Labor Day weekend here in the United States, but with the economy continuing to drag its feet unemployment remains high and perhaps a better title would be Not Enough Labor Day. With that in mind, we thought everyone could use a laugh, so we put together a Top 7 List of the best worker comedies.Read More

Top 7 Off Screen Movie Deaths

It seems in many of todays films they don’t have the courage to leave anything to the imagination. Given the chance the audience can always come up with something in their mind that will be better than anything you can put on the screen. Some the best death scenes may just be implied, or a Read MoreRead More

Top 7 Infomercial Personalities

You watch them late at night. They sell the promise of wealth and happiness all for 4 easy payments of $19.95. Maybe they’ve even convinced you to fork over your hard earned cash for merchandise that brandishes the highly esteemed badge of quality: “As Seen on TV”. You know you love them, now let’s take Read MoreRead More

Top 7 Craziest Letterman Guests

With all of Hollywood wondering if Joaquin Phoenix is just channeling Andy Kaufman in some sort of weird hoax or if he really has gone off the deep end, we thought it was a good time to look back at some of the crazier Letterman appearances. #7 Drew Barrymore #6 Madonna (Part 1) Madonna (Part Read MoreRead More

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