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Money Saving Tips from a Top Production Designer

Mona Nahm offered filmmakers great insights and ideas for creating the overall look for a film gleaned from her 20 years of industry experience. Create a lookbook. Think about production design in the very beginning. When creating the story you want to tell you should have an idea of an era where it all takes Read MoreRead More

Introduction to Color in Digital Filmmaking

Color is a natural everyday experience – but how do you use color to advance your film? We’ll start by looking at how filmmakers in the late 90s began exploring creative uses of color. Then we’ll take a quick overview of how your digital camera captures color and some basic color theory. We’ll finish by Read MoreRead More

Kubrick recalled by Influential Set Designer Sir Ken Adam

Sir Ken Adam, set designer for Dr. Stranglove, Barry Lyndon, as well as Dr. No, and Goldfinger discusses what it was like to work for the obsessive master Stanley Kubrick. Steven Spielberg told production designer Sir Ken Adam his work for Stanley Kubrick’s Dr Strangelove included the best movie-set ever built. Kubrick’s dark comedy is now regarded as a Read MoreRead More

Production Design on a Budget

Riley Fearon offers some tips for dressing up your sets on a budget. On small budget productions, coming up with locations can be a challenge – especially if you need something a bit unusual. An upcoming music video for the band Run 8 Rider required that a single location represent three different time periods to tell its Read MoreRead More

How To Make Artificial Snow For Movies

You may be in a part of the world that doesn’t get the cold icy stuff – so what do you do for snow on set? For those who cannot spend £1000 for a beginner snow machine, here are a few cheaper suggestions for snowy effects to use in your no-budget film productions. The trick Read MoreRead More

Building Osama Bin Laden’s Compound for “Zero Dark Thirty”

First-time feature production designer Jeremy Hindle admits to some dicey feelings while taking director Kathryn Bigelowon an initial walk-through of “Zero Dark Thirty’s” key set. But they weren’t rookie jitters. “I remember telling her, ‘You’re going to feel insanely creepy. You’re going to feel like he lived here,’” Hindle says. The verisimilitude Bigelow demanded for all Read MoreRead More

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