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How to Make a Styrofoam Handgun

Grant Thompsons demonstrates how to make a simple handgun using styrofoam. WARNING – as with all prop firearms, exercise extreme caution and notify authorities if you intend to use them in public. Every week you see a story about how a filmmaker has been arrested or, even worse, injured because the police thought they were Read MoreRead More

Making a Working BB-8 Droid Replica!

Ever since BB-8 first made its appearance in the first Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser, droid builders have been trying to figure out how to make their own working replica. Tested visits the shop of Mike Senna, veteran robot builder, to follow his progress creating his own BB-8.Read More

10 Movies That Stole Their Props From Other Films

As the saying goes: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – and the same goes for movie props. With dozens of blockbusters released every year, it only makes sense for studios and producers to reuse sets, weapons, gadgets, or props, but fans aren’t usually meant to notice them. You’d be surprised to see how Read MoreRead More

What Philip K. Dick thought of “Blade Runner”

Although Philip K. Dick saw only the opening 20 minutes of footage prior to his death on March 2, 1982, he was extremely impressed, and has been quoted by Paul Sammon as saying, “It was my own interior world. They caught it perfectly.” However neither Ridley Scott nor screenwriter David Webb Peoples actually read Dick’s Read MoreRead More

Modeling the Shining’s Overlook Hotel Maze

Over the span of a month, Adam Savage designed and built an accurate replica of the hedge maze architectural model from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. The maze model, as seen in The Overlook Hotel, is only seen briefly, but reference screenshots from throughout the film allowed Adam to painstakingly recreate it. The project ended up Read MoreRead More

The Color Consistency of House of Cards

Chris Wade noticed something interesting about the color combination of House of Cards – every shot features blue in the foreground and yellow in the back. To be clear, House of Cards has excellent cinematography. Every shot is composed with precision and austere elegance, all emphasizing the cold, calculating world of Frank Underwood. In this podcast interview, the series cinematographer Read MoreRead More

How They Set the Stage For The Grammys

The sets for the Grammys have to be exciting for the live audience in cavernous Staples Center and look good in closeup on TV — for each of the 24 acts that plays during the show. Talent executive Ron Basile and production designer Brian Stonestreet tell Variety’s David Cohen what goes into staging for Music’s Read MoreRead More

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