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Something Educational & Something F*cking Stupid: LLC vs LP + Helium Dog

We post lots of stuff about contracts, the law and other boring topics. I believe they are some of the most important articles on IQ. Although it may not be much of a surprise that they are the least read. So, in a effort to provide a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down we created this new series, “Something Educational & Something F*cking Stupid.”Read More

Creativity, Cash and Tools: The Making of an Indie Film

Award winning filmmakers explore their path to festival fame as they illuminate the creative and pragmatic execution of their vision. How did they develop their story, find their funding, and what were creative tools that made their story come to life. Read More

SEC Stops Social Media Fundraising Site

The Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday reached a settlement with two advertising executives that used their website along with social networking websites Twitter and Facebook to secure pledges of $200m in an experimental effort to buy Pabst Brewing Company. What does this have to do with filmmakers?Read More

10 Copyright Terms Explained: Limitations and Exceptions

What’s difference between an idea an the expression of an idea? What’s the difference between borrowing and stealing? What’s covered under Copyright and what’s not? If you want clear answers to those questions, hire a layer! If you want a basic understanding, keep reading.Read More

Film Finance Expert Jeff Steele on LA Talk Radio’s Film Courage

In this podcast, Film Financial Jeff Steele talks about how he went from Production Assistant to CFO, how to deal with egos in Hollywood, how to increase your Financial IQ, the three pillars in film and the monumental shift occurring in the democratization of film.Read More

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