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Top 10 Tips To Raise Money For Your Documentary

Faith Fuller provides a top ten list of things to do to get some cash to make your documentary come true. Fundraising Trailer – Your number one priority when raising money for your film is to create a fantastic fundraising trailer.  This is how you pull people into your idea and build buzz for your project.  Read MoreRead More

What an Estimate for a 3-Day $100,000 Photo Shoot Looks Like

Jess Dudely goes through the budget and estimate for a six figure commercial photography job. Here’s how I arrived at those numbers: Concept/Licensing: The agency came to us with four distinct concepts/ads, each portraying a specific product in use at home or in a business. The client had already selected the talent (real customers), from a Read MoreRead More

Fundraising Game-Changer: SEC Allows Filmmakers to Crowdsource Investors

This month may be a game changer for US-based independent film investing. In the past those looking to raise funds for their films could not advertise to the public. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) required them to only have individual meetings with potential investors one at a time. This of course was very time Read MoreRead More

Is It Legal To 3-D Print A Handgun?

I few months ago I looked into making prop guns with a 3D printer. I basically found out it would be cheaper, easier and better to just buy/rent them. However in the future as technology improves and costs lower it may be a great tool for props, DIY camera gear and all sorts of things. So when I came Read MoreRead More

A Guide to Copyright for the Creative Professional

Copyright can be a scary word for the uninitiated. But it’s not that confusing to grasp the fundamentals of the laws that help protect creative professionals and their work. As a creative professional, your work is often governed by copyright law. It’s not exactly a topic that most of your clients will be familiar with, Read MoreRead More

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Bidding on a Freelance Project

Bidding on projects as a creative freelancer is a tricky proposition. Sasha Kovaliov sets up 3 question you need to ask yourself before submitting a bid. Are you committing to every project or a bid that comes your way? If the answer is yes, chances are that you are simply wasting your time and money. Here are 3 simple Read MoreRead More

‘Hobbit’ Lawyers Threaten ‘Age of the Hobbits’ Movie

Asylum Studios is known for making films with titles that can easily be confused with big blockbusters. There’s no question what they’re trying to do… but now Warner Bros. is taking legal action. That question is at the center of an escalating legal spat between producers of the upcoming big-budgetThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and a Read MoreRead More

Kickstarter Will Not Save Artists From the Entertainment Industry’s Shackles

Evengy Morozov writes about a study that shows crowd funding only benefits a certain kind of movie. To see how the highly decentralized world of social media could disrupt the hegemony of established taste-makers in music, design, or fashion, look no further than Kickstarter. Just like Wikipedia redefined the process of creating an encyclopedia, this Read MoreRead More

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