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How Binding is a Letter of Intent?

Mark Galsor and Jesse Saivar tackle the question – how binding is a letter of intent when it comes to producers? …A true letter of intent is as binging as your To Do list, or at least it should be. You intend to do the things on your To Do list, but if you don’t Read MoreRead More

Overtime – and why your low film budget should have it.

by 8thSamurai Before you look at me as though I’m mad, and say ‘I can’t afford to pay overtime!’, realize that I may not be talking to you. This is not for you Weekend Warriors who call upon the talents and resources of your close friends in exchange for coating them with homemade blood and Read MoreRead More

How NOT to use the internet to find film investors

Entertainment attorney Gordon Firemark offers some words of caution to all those looking to use the internet to find investors for their film. …In recent weeks, I’ve begun to see more and more independent filmmakers and theatre producers using forums, chat rooms, and other internet-services to seek out investors for their projects. In most cases, Read MoreRead More

588 Free Film Contracts and Forms

Looking to make a film but need a little help with the paperwork? We’ve painstakingly searched the internets and collected 588 free forms and contracts to help get you started. Now before we start, everyone repeat after me: “THIS ARTICLE IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR PROPER LEGAL ADVICE” You probably won’t need all of these Read MoreRead More

Legal Fictions

Eric M. Greenfield of Flowtv discusses the real legal facts filmmakers and producers must consider for “Based On a True Story” dramas and “Reality TV.” …Based on a true story.” “Inspired by actual events.” “The [insert name of real person here] story.” Well, maybe. Networks love to market a telefilm’s roots in actual events and Read MoreRead More

Creating A Budget For Your Independent Film

By Ben Lyons Independent And Art Filmmaking: Creating A Budget For Your Independent Film How do I determine a budget for my independent film? Independent films can cost one dollar to fifty million dollars. The reason why it’s an independent film is because that’s where the money is coming from. But Is it coming from Read MoreRead More

The Internet Saves The Indie Filmmaker – Or Does It?

Marc Aramian looks at some the funding options that the internet is making available to the indie guerrilla filmmaker. …he Hollywood business model may seem like it’s a dinosaur, now that the barriers to distribution have vanished. But Hollywood doesn’t just create and distribute content, it also funds it through a variety of investment sources. Read MoreRead More

Why everyone lies about their movie’s budget

Patrick Goldstein of the Los Angeles Times delivers the shock of all shocks, people in Hollywood lie. …The studio chief who made the movie gives you a low-ball number. The head of a rival studio, eager to make a competitor look bad, gives you a wildly inflated number. Most journalists have reported that Baz Luhrmann’s Read MoreRead More

Cash Crunch: Seeking Film Financing in Lean Times

Anthony Kaufman looks at financing during tough times. … “Call me when the economy is better.” That’s what one New York-based indie producer heard from a potential investor recently. With Wall Street crashing, hedge funds shaking out, and a possible global depression on the horizon, it’s not exactly the best time to be looking for Read MoreRead More

AICP Commercial Contracts and Forms

The Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) has put together a group of “boilerplate” contracts and forms for their television commercial production company members. You can find more information here. Contracts: New Media Contracts and Riders Standard Commercial Production Agreement Sequential Liability Addendum (Members-Only Service) Forms: Permit Checklist Location Code of Professional Responsibilty Filmmakers Read MoreRead More

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