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BAFTA Film Craft Sessions Talk With the Best in the Industry

BAFTA invited some of the best minds in the film world to our BAFTA HQ in London to discuss their craft and work with an intimate audience. Cinematography Editing Production Design Costume Design VFX Sound Music Hair and Make upRead More

American Werewolf in London Makeup Effects Artist Interview

Makeup FX master Tom Hester (An American Werewolf in London, Thriller, Shrek) discusses his storied career with fellow FX artist Norman Cabrera (The Walking Dead, Hellboy II, From Dusk Till Dawn) — From his early years as one of Makeup FX legend Rick Baker’s key team members to his iconic character design work for the Read MoreRead More

Why Makeup Isn’t Superficial – Idea Channel

When someone puts on makeup there is no easy way to know why they’ve done it. Or why they’ve made the decisions they have about their makeup. Answers to those questions might not even be clear to the makeup wearer themselves! After a very long history of putting stuff on our bodies to accentuate our Read MoreRead More

Understanding Makeup to Become a Better Photographer

Quentin Decaillet discusses some of the fundamentals and questions you should be asking your makeup artist during your photoshoot (or film shoot for that matter) We often hear how much makeup can impact the final result of a photo shoot. It can either make or break a picture depending on its quality. A great makeup Read MoreRead More

DP/30: The Theory Of Eveyrthing, Prod Design, Make-Up, and Costume

The dynamic trio of Production Designer John Paul Kelly, Make-Up Designer Jan Sewell, and Costume Designer Steven Noble are in great part responsible for the authenticity of a film that is not only “period,” but covers decades. They spoke to David Poland about the work.Read More

Hairstylist Aldo Signoretti Wigs Out on Set of Hercules

Aldo Signoretti discusses his work on the wigs for teh sword and sandal film Hercules He’s done hair and makeup for the epic battles between ancient Greeks (Troy) and warring Mayans (Apocalypto). He’s created wigs for the sordid characters scheming and seducing their way through the 15th century Vatican (Borgias), 19th century gangsters vying for supremacy Read MoreRead More

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