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The ABC of Architects

This work is an alphabetical list of the most important architects with their best known building. A lot of them have been left out with grief because we only need one for each letter and we done an effort to have differents nationalities. Concept and Animation: Andrea Stinga, Federico Gonzalez Art Direction: Federico GonzalezRead More

Google Maps of Django Unchained’s Plantation and Other Infamous Tarantino Locations

Check out these Google Maps of famous locations from Tarantino’s films from the plantations of Django Unchained, to the Chapel from Kill Bill. Naturally, Quentin Tarantino’s new saddles-and-spurs flick Django Unchained has probably attracted at least a few fans of Westerns. But fans of one more recent Western may recognize some of its environs a little too well. It Read MoreRead More

Tips for Shooting a Warrior Princess on Location

Jay P. Morgan’s Slanted Lens lesson goes on location at Vasquez Rocks in Los Angeles, California for a photo shoot with a bow wielding warrior princess. In this lesson, Morgan lays out great tips for outdoors location shooting be it still or motion picturing filmmaking.Read More

Photographing Fog and Mist: Adding Intrigue to Everyday Landscapes

Fog and mist add drama to almost any landscape. Here are a few tips of finding the perfect weather and capturing dramatic smokey images. When it comes to weather phenomenon, mist and fog should be applauded as a way of creating atmosphere and adding a sense of mystery to your landscape photography. They provide that special Read MoreRead More

The Making of SKYFALL

James Bond is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary with the release of the 23rd feature Skyfall. Since the early days, the Bond franchise has evolved into a highly sophisticated combination of top-of-the-line action, impeccable fashion and luxurious cars and gadgets. To promote the film (which has already broken box office records around the world), the producers created a Read MoreRead More

7 Abandoned Amusement Parks

There’s something otherworldly creepy about abandoned amusement parks – a symbol of fun and frivolity reduced to decay as a constant reminder of our own short existence on this planet. Photo of CmrdCord Joyland, Kansas At one point, Joyland was the largest amusement park in Kansas, but 55 years after its opening, it was no Read MoreRead More

How to Avoid Dealing With the Police When Shooting in Public

With phrases like “If you see something, say something” the government has made our fellow citizens suspicious of photographers in the public space. I’m not sure if it is making us safer, but one thing is for sure, getting interrupted by the long arm of the law can really harm your shoot.Read More

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