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Clever Ways to Mount Foam Board Reflectors and Flags

Recycling pieces found in a thrift store, Udi Tirosh illustrates how reflector and flag stands can be obtained on the cheap. e One day I was shopping in a thrift store, looking at discarded things people donated to resell. As odd as it sounds, there are always a handful of medical related items.. old walkers, crutches, Read MoreRead More

6 Tips for Setting Up a Home or Office Studio – Photography & Lighting Tutorial

The Slanted Lens offers up 6 tips for setting up a home or office studio including how to make a backdrop holder up very little space, control your window light, how to make lights at home ad set up these lights for a 2 light video interview.Read More

How they lit SNL’s Parody of “Her”

SNL’s parody of Spike Jonze’s “Her” captured the soft pastel tones of the film. Series DP Alex Buono goes into details on the process of shooting the mock trailer. The story behind the SNL trailer-parody “Me” is a story about reacting when all of your best-laid plans go wrong. We had a great plan for Read MoreRead More

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