Exposure: Wally Pfister on Transitioning from DP to Director

Kevin Martin interveiws Wally Pfister, a long time collaborator with Christopher Nolan on the Batman Reboot and Inception, about his recent turn in the director’s chair with Transcendance.  As a strong right hand to filmmaker Christopher Nolan for more than a decade, director of photography Wally Pfister, ASC, garnered considerable notice and accolades, culminating with an Read MoreRead More

Behind Closed Doors with Alfonso Cuarón

BAFTA and Oscar winning filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón sat down with us in early January for a chat about his upbringing in Mexico, his turbulent film school years, his early filmmaking experiences and his flourishing, remarkable career. He revealed to us the secret motivation for his work ethic: he occasionally needs money.Read More

An Interview with Gravity FX Supervisor Neil Corbould | DP/30

In a remarkable career that started when he talked his uncle into letting work on the set of Superman: The Movie, Neil Corbould has been part of some of history’s biggest movies. He’s been Oscar-nominated 4 times, winning for Gladiator in 2000. The last time he was part of what he felt was a landmark Read MoreRead More

Jonah Hill puts the teeth in The Wolf of Wall Street DP/30

Jonah Hill blew up in a hurry, with 3 Judd Apatow productions hitting screens in 2007. But then Cyrus changed things for him. And then he got an Oscar nomination for Moneyball. And this year, he got his second nomination for The Wolf of Wall Street. He just turned 30 and for a very funny Read MoreRead More

Philip Seymour Hoffman on the Challenge of Acting

In a free-flowing interview with June Stein in the Spring, 2008 issue of BOMB Magazine, Philip Seymour Hoffman discusses the insights into acting he gleaned from his experience as a director. Early on there is the following remarkable exchange, in which Hoffman says that acting is not about embracing one’s first instincts: PS: … Actors’ first instinct Read MoreRead More

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