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Storytelling Made Easy – Marcus Donner on How to Tell a Story Through Images

Great photos and video don’t happen by accident. It’s a balancing act of good planning and quick thinking. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, everyone wants their photos and videos to tell a compelling story. In this presentation, Marcus Donner, who has been telling people’s stories in pictures for more than 20 years, Read MoreRead More

Introducing Vimeo On-Demand – A DIY distribution platform

Vimeo On Demand is direct-to-fan distribution done the Vimeo way — with all the power of Vimeo’s best-in-class video player, easy-to-use tools, and passionate audience. Creators of all types can distribute their work online, find and connect with audiences, and make more money with a 90/10 revenue split. Vimeo On Demand gives creators unparalleled flexibility Read MoreRead More

The Career of Paul Thomas Anderson in Five Shots

Tracking a journey of camera journeys from Hard Eight to There Will Be Blood, Kevin B. Lee wonders if the director has put away showy things. Thinking on what sets The Master apart from Paul Thomas Anderson’s earlier films, what strikes me most vividly is a marked difference in camera movement and staging. I wouldn’t be Read MoreRead More

Ang Lee on How The Technology Behind Life of Pi Changed His Filmmaking

“Thank you, movie god,” Life of Pi director Ang Lee said when accepting the Oscar for best director at the Academy Awards. But movie worship is a polytheistic practice and many deities preside over the making of a film. For Life of Pi, Lee said he shared the award with “all 3,000″ with whom he Read MoreRead More

5 Critical Tips for Travel Photographers

Joey L. shares some battle-hardened tips from traveling abroad on assignment or personal photography. My first tip for traveling photographers is to protect your gear from theft. There are theives in every part of the world, not just developing countries. They know how much your pretty camera can fetch for on a black market, and Read MoreRead More

A look at the Life and Times of Bette Davis

Fandor’s Scott Smith biographies Bette Davis – Her career made her a true role model for women in the film industry, and her incomparable screen performances left the sharpest images of forthrightness ever presented on screen. Unsuspecting director George Cukor had no idea what tenacity he instilled in a young actress in 1928. As head Read MoreRead More

How to Know if You Know

Research has shown over and over again that we are not very good judges of how effectively we’re learning new information, or how accurately we’ll remember it. Confidence is indisputably a good thing. But over-confidence can spell trouble—especially when we’re learning. Research has shown over and over again that we are not very good judges of Read MoreRead More

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