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Why Stanley Kubrick Banned “A Clockwork Orange”

This is story of why one of the world’s great directors pulled his own movie from circulation. The crimes could be scenes from A Clockwork Orange: a boy beats a homeless man to death for a few pennies; a 16-year old dressed like Alex and his droogs savagely beats and kicks a 15-year old; a 17-year Read MoreRead More

Kevin Smith’s Seven Golden Rules of Moviemaking

Director, screenwriter, sometimes actor, and all-around major geek Kevin Smith shares his wisdom with MovieMaker Magazine. 1. Edit while you’re still shooting. On every flick since Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, I’ve been editing while still in the midst of production. I’m not talking about some hired editor piecing together an assembly while I’m Read MoreRead More

If your’e going to do a fake ‘terrorist’ photo shoot in public, you may want to tell the cops ahead of time, Comic-Con or not

In case you where wondering, yes they where Deadpool fans. While on foot patrol in Mizner Park, two Boca Raton police officers were approached by a group of very concerned citizens. They told the officers that four or five people were putting on body armor and taking guns from the trunk of a car. We Read MoreRead More

Martin Scorsese on The Persisting Vision: Reading the Language of Cinema

Martin Scorsese writes this essay about his relationship to film for the New York Review of Books. In the film The Magic Box, which was made in England in 1950, the great English actor Robert Donat plays William Friese-Greene—one of the people who invented movies. The Magic Box was packed with guest stars. It was made for an Read MoreRead More

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