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Television’s Future Has a Social Media Soundtrack

Deb Roy explores the notion that our television watching behaviors are now being colored by tweets and facebook updates. When movies were first introduced in the late 1800′s, they were silent. Three decades later, the invention of synchronized soundtracks satisfied our natural desire to hear what is seen. Soundtracks unleashed a wave of creativity in Read MoreRead More

Choros – an Experimental Film in Visual Echo

“Choros” is a beautiful experimental film by Michael Langan and dancer Terah Maher. It features a single dancer layered 32 times, which each layer slightly offset in time from the previous one. The “visual echo” technique turns a single woman into a “chorus of women,” and transform the dance from single movements into waves of Read MoreRead More

Oscar Nominee Benh Zeitlin on Collective Filmmaking

Ariston Anderson explores Court 13 and how their approach lead to the Oscar nominated, Beasts of the Southern Wild. For most people, the idea of making it in Hollywood today involves a ton of backdoor wheeling and dealing, some backstabbing, and an endless fight to step on others to get to the top. Benh Zeitlin has Read MoreRead More

Lensing “Oz: The Great and Powerful”

Kevin H. Martin explores the world of Oz as imagined by Sam Raimi and director of photography, Peter Deming, ASC. Roughly ten years after the release of the 1939 musical The Wizard of Oz [shot by Harold Rosson, ASC], and well before that film became a national institution through annual exposure on television, Walt Disney acquired the rights Read MoreRead More

Tips For Critiquing Your Own Photo Concepts And Video

Mike Wilkinson discusses the process of reviewing and critiquing your own work. Whether you shoot video or stills, we’ve all been there. That point at which you lose all objectivity and the ability to discern thoughtful, evocative images that nail the concept on the head, from the ones that are “too artistic,” or simply don’t Read MoreRead More

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