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Mysteries of Love: A Documentary on David Lynch’s “Blue Velvet”

Mysteries of Love is a 2002 documentary about David Lynch's Blue Velvet, directed by Jeffrey Schwarz. The documentary includes clips from the film, footage and photographs from behind the scenes, and interviews with Lynch, Kyle MacLachlan, Isabella Rossellini, Dennis Hopper and others. Via A Bittersweet LifeRead More

George Lucas & Steven Spielberg: Studios Will Implode; VOD Is the Future

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, both giants in the industry that brought us the blockbuster film, Looking into their crystal ball, George Lucas and Steven Spielbergpredicted the imminent arrival of a radically different entertainment landscape, including pricey movie tickets, a vast migration of content to video-on-demand and even programmable dreams. Speaking on a panel at the USC Read MoreRead More

American Doc: Five Tips for Nonfiction Filmmaker

Lauren Wissot compiles 5 tips for the documentary filmmaker. 1) Talking heads should be used as spice – not as the whole meal. Unless your protagonist is Slavoj Žižek or Speed Levitch-level entrancing, your characters’ spoken words are probably what’s most riveting. So show us images onscreen that are equally fascinating, that will add to those Read MoreRead More

Mastering the Art of The Dolly Zoom

Here’s an Introduction to the Dolly Zoom, including some of the concepts and principles that govern the visual effect as well as some practical tips on how to achieve the effect yourself. Film examples used in this course are “Vertigo”, “Jaws” and “Goodfellas” This video is part of the FIlmmakerIQ course: Mastering the Art of Read MoreRead More

Win $500 Worth of Video Templates, Audio Files and Website Templates

Putting together a multi-media video package? Even if you’re not, Envato has put together a Video Production Bundle that might just be too good to pass up. From now until June 26th you can purchase and download a production bundle valued at over $500 for just $29 bucks!! This bundle includes 3 Website templates from Read MoreRead More

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