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Mind Blowing Demonstration of Precision Robotics and Projection Mapping

Box explores the synthesis of real and digital space through projection-mapping on moving surfaces. The short film documents a live performance, captured entirely in camera. Bot & Dolly produced this work to serve as both an artistic statement and technical demonstration. It is the culmination of multiple technologies, including large scale robotics, projection mapping, and Read MoreRead More

Top 7 High School Movies

Well, it is that time of year when you kids go from sleeping in late to having to get up early and deal with a broken school system and the spawn of broken assholes. Hey, we had to deal with this shit too and we didn’t have iPads. However, you can take your rage out Read MoreRead More

What Jim Henson Teaches Us about Bridging Creative Integrity and Commercial Success

Maria Papova explores how Jim Henson bridged art and commerce as explored by Elizabeth Hyde Stevens’ book, “Mark Art Make Money: Lessons from Jim Henson on Fueling Your Creative Career” “Art suffers the moment other people start paying for it,” Hugh MacLeod proclaimed in Ignore Everybody, echoing a prevalent cultural sentiment. And yet there’s something terribly disheartening Read MoreRead More

22 video games Hollywood hopes will be Silver-Sscreen Gold

Making the leap from video game to movie franchise hasn’t been the most successful path, but that’s not stopping Hollywood from dipping into the latest generation of video games with devoted followings. Remember the days when movies based on video games were rare, and most actors and filmmakers stayed far away if they wanted to keep their Read MoreRead More

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