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The Dude Abides on the Other Side of the Lens

Take a look at the on set photography of Jeff Bridges. Some photographers are drawn to dramatic events in exotic lands. Others are compelled to stay closer to home and burrow into the stories they know best. The actor Jeff Bridges gets to do both. He photographs the world he grew up in, movie sets — each Read MoreRead More

When Are Ideas Free to Steal?

At what point legally does an idea go from something that any creative can use to being a piece of protectable intellectual property? Granted, there are some ideas that aren’t created by anyone. They already exist– have to exist to be true to the genre. (This is called “scènes-à-faire” and we’ll go into this in Read MoreRead More

Choreography Rehearsals for Rocky I

Sly Stallone and Apollo Creed – Carl Weathers – demonstrate the precise moves that made Rocky the very first sports film to win the Academy Award for best picture! The masterful choreography made the punches the most exciting in the history of Hollywood boxing movies. This may be good time to note that the Rocky Read MoreRead More

The First Portable Movie Camera Was This 12 FPS Rifle

The next time you complain about this camera or that camera not having high frame rate capability, remember back to the first portable movie camera that had a 25 image magazine and a rifle stock. The design of the first Chronograph (this is how they called it) was made by French scientist Étienne-Jules Marey and debuted at Read MoreRead More

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