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Reimagining the History of Lincoln’s Assasination

Nat Geo’s Andy Baker explains the process of creating the key visuals for the channel’s documentary, “Killing Lincoln” One of the principal challenges facing us was that the story of Lincoln’s assassination has been told before. Countless books, movies and documentaries have been created telling this story – many of the docs aired on our Read MoreRead More

Are There TWO Nikola Teslas? | PBS Studios – Idea Channel

Unless you’re new to the internet, you probably know that Tesla was an incredibly popular scientist and inventor who was WAY ahead of his time. But was he really the valiant underdog against the Goliath of Edison that we’ve come to know and understand? Despite what you may think, there are actually TWO Teslas – Read MoreRead More

10 Cheap Tools Every Filmmaker Needs

Dave Wallace picks out 10 useful items that are invaluable on a film set. Swiss Army Knife - This seems like a no brainer, but I often hear someone yell “Does anyone have scissors” or “I need a “Phillips head screwdriver” while on set. Keeping this simple tool in your kit can save valuable time and Read MoreRead More

How Lucille Ball Made STAR TREK Happen

Devin Faraci chronicles how the perennial star faring show was greenlit by Television’s favorite Red-head. Every fan of the original Star Trek knows that the show was made by Desilu – the big production logo is a familiar part of the end credits of the show, displayed over the head of the alien (puppet) Balok. What few Read MoreRead More

Frame By Frame: The Art of Stop Motion | PBS Off Book

The magic of stop-motion animation has enthralled audiences for over a century, but with the advent of CGI, many thought it was at risk of extinction. Yet despite these fears, animators all over the world continue to manually create unique stories out of physical materials, be it clay, sand or paint, puppets or people. The Read MoreRead More

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