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Scripted vs. Non-scripted Corporate Videos

Ron Dawson weighs the pros and cons of scripting content for corporate video. Believe it or not, I honed my skills as a corporate video producer/director during my tenure as a wedding videographer. In particular, the skills I learned shooting, directing and editing love story videos. Learning how to elicit emotion, ask probing questions, and Read MoreRead More

If you want to stand out in the filmmaking crowd, focus on the evolution of your CRAFT – not the TOOLS.

In a world where access is universal and affordable – the only thing distinguishing one from another is knowledge and talent. Vincent Laforet lays his thoughts on the continuing progress of technology. I, like many others, was pulled into the DSLR movement by a magical force called ACCESS. The DSLRs were affordable, lightweight, and produced Read MoreRead More

Visual storytelling: Is that all?

David Bordwell examines both Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window and Brian De Palma’s Mission Impossible to see how visual storytelling isn’t just reliant on story but other conventions of story telling. The phrase “visual storytelling” is a very modern invention. It seems to be unknown before the mid-1940s, and it doesn’t really become common until the 1990s. It Read MoreRead More

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