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If a Story Is Viral, Truth May Be Taking a Beating

If an online story sounds too good (or juicy) to be true… it may very well be. Truth has never been an essential ingredient of viral content on the Internet. But in the stepped-up competition for readers, digital news sites are increasingly blurring the line between fact and fiction, and saying that it is all Read MoreRead More

A Unique and Kinetic Profile of Illustrator and Designer James White

Designer James White spent a decade working for other agencies before he founded Signalnoise, a one-man design studio in Nova Scotia. He was determined to explore his own aesthetic: “Fascination, wonder, and imagination made visual.” The move was creatively productive and financially lucrative. But when he decided to dedicate a year to his passion project—taking Read MoreRead More

How Film School Dropout Ryan Lightbourn Shot a Feature on a RED SCARLET, BMPCC, & 5D Mark III

Director Ryan Lightbourn dropped out of film school and decided to strike out on his own, making films and music videos with gear he bought himself. Having just recently finished his first feature film Sleepwalkers, Ryan decided to let us behind the scenes, explaining his process as he made his film using an array of Read MoreRead More

Determining If A Photo Should Be Left In Color Or Converted To Black And White

In our perpetual quest to find interesting images to add to your visual memory, we come across a lot of pictures that have been turned black and white. When your shooting photographs – the question of color or no color often pops up – here’s a few strategies from the folks at FStoppers on when Read MoreRead More

Are Emoticons the Future of Language?

In the digital age, we increasingly use written language in place of face to face chat or phone calls. But the advantages email, chat, and text give us in speed come with limitations in communicating emotional tone. Enter emoticons and emojis. Not just a playful supplement to language, these new tools allow for complexity in Read MoreRead More

How to Take the Terror Out Of Writing – Hunger Games Screenwriter Billy Ray

Screenwriter and Filmmaker Billy Ray also offers insights into how to make the great films. Prepare, prepare, prepare. When Ray was trying to get attached as a first-time director to Shattered Glass, which he’d written the screenplay for, he was turned down 21 out of 22 times for meetings. When Lionsgate agreed to give him one, Read MoreRead More

Arrests Over Satirical Video Lay Bare Emirati Sensitivities

The New York Times details the story of 5 young men in Dubai who were put in jail for the following satirical video on charges of threatening national security. The video was undeniably silly: a 20-minute mockumentary about a fictional martial arts school in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, where grandmaster Saloom Snake trains Read MoreRead More

The Revolution Won’t Be Televised – 4 Reasons the Future of Filmmaking is Online

Jo Geaney offers up 4 reasons why web content is the present and future of independent filmmaking. With the likes of Harvey Weinstein turning his eye (and funds) online, there has been a noticeable change in the coverage of the web series. Industry websites have gone from ‘Is this the destroyer of Broadcast TV?’ to interviews Read MoreRead More

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