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‘Birdman’s’ Times Square Scene: How They Did It

They couldn’t afford to shut down Times Square – so the crew of Birdman just shot it with normal tourists. Much has been made of “Birdman” director/co-writer Alejandro G. Inarritu’s conceit of making a movie that seems to be one continuous, two-hour shot. The actual filming consisted of long takes edited to look seamless. Each sequence Read MoreRead More

Alejandro González Iñárritu On the Artistic Insecurities That Led to ‘Birdman’

The Mexican filmmaker opens up to Indiewire about his most audacious film yet. Riggan mounts a play to revive his career. Did you make this film with the same intention? You’re coming off of “Biutiful,” which, granted, was Oscar nominated, but divided critics more than any of your previous films. I think it’s about the Read MoreRead More

How Are Oscar Nominees Chosen?

It’s a complicated affair – Sean Hutchinson explores how the Academy picks its nominees. The voting process that determines which films and actors become Oscar nominees is a long and complicated undertaking that involves more than 6000 voting members and hundreds of eligible films, actors, actresses, directors, cinematographers, editors, composers, and more. To even be Read MoreRead More

Symmetry in Wes Anderson’s Editing

Max Tohline examines the symmetry in a scene from The Grand Budapest Hotel. The more films Wes Anderson directs, the more tightly structured and precise each aspect of his style becomes. He’s long favored neat centering and symmetry in his compositions (as shown in this oft-viewed Staff Pick supercut: Recently on rewatching The Grand Budapest Hotel, Read MoreRead More

What the heck is ETTR and ETTL?

Photography is all about the exposure – but is there a special strategy to achieving exposure? Check out this article which covers a few strategies and their advantage and disadvantages: 1. EXPOSE TO THE RIGHT (ETTR) Strategy: Aim to expose the image so that its histogram shifts as far to the right as possible without clipping the Read MoreRead More

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