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Hans Zimmer Tells Juicy Stories About the Classic Films He’s Scored

Legendary film composer Hans Zimmer looks back at the many films he’s scored and recounts the history and inspiration behind many of his most famous works. The Thin Red Line A year before Terrence Malick filmed this World War II masterpiece — his return to directing after a twenty-year sabbatical — he set up a Read MoreRead More

From Chicago to the Moon: Using 4K resolution reframing creatively

Philip Bloom explains how he used 4K footage from the Canon 1DC, Sony F55, and up to 1600mm of glass to make a 2K film. You can check out the full film here: Yes it’s another post where 4K video features highly. You just can’t get away from it! But this post is not about Read MoreRead More

Can a Smart Phone Camera Stand up to a DSLR?

Evan, the Electrical Engineer, pits the 41 megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020 against a Nikon D800e comparing the quality of the photographs captured from these cameras. The Lumia 1020 sports a 41 mega pixel “Pureview” sensor and optical image stabilization (OIS). In 4:3 this gives a working resolution of 38 mpix, and at 16:9 a working Read MoreRead More

Ebb and Flow: Jonah Kessel on Commercial Video Fueling Editorial Possibilities

New York Times News Video Shooter Jonah Kessel discusses the ebb and flow between documentary and commercial work and how that has benefited his work. It was the moment that I got my first payment from a newspaper that I realized I would have to supplement my income as a freelancer with more commercially oriented work. Read MoreRead More

14 Tips For Your Shooting Your Next Chaotic Event

Dave Wallace offers 14 tips when shooting a documentary for chaotic events. In my filmmaking career, I’ve had the opportunity to film some pretty unique events. While shooting I often come across other event shooters and realize that we’re a unique breed. Essentially, we’re people willing to sacrifice food, rest and comfort to tell an Read MoreRead More

If you put people’s lives in danger for your film, You’re a Scumbag!!!

I recently had the displeasure of attending a panel discussion involving a rather rookie filmmaker who told what turned out to be a horrifying tale. When asked his favorite filmmaking moment, he regaled the story of trying to pull off a guerrilla shoot on Las Vegas Blvd. The audience laughed – imagine how hard it Read MoreRead More

Legally Speaking, It Depends: Detangling Web Series Production

Entertainment attorney Christopher Schiller provides a few tips for those wanting to break their chops on webseries production. I’ll admit there is a special appeal to creating your own web series. You might have a nice job writing for TV but are itching to explore new ideas outside of those constrictions. Or you have a Read MoreRead More

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