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5 Things Cinematographers Don’t Talk About

Sean Porter discusses a few things that go unspoken among cinematographers (and maybe why they shouldn’t be). 1. When to Say No Possibly one of the hardest parts of this career is dealing with any level of success. I’m very grateful for the filmmakers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. They are all incredibly hard Read MoreRead More

BAFTA Film Craft Sessions Talk With the Best in the Industry

BAFTA invited some of the best minds in the film world to our BAFTA HQ in London to discuss their craft and work with an intimate audience. Cinematography Editing Production Design Costume Design VFX Sound Music Hair and Make upRead More

Don’t worry so much about resolution. It’s getting the picture right that matters!

It’s not about the number of pixels but how you use them. The current fixation on resolution is misplaced and we’re in danger of missing the point completely when we make films and videos Do you remember those grainy video pictures of Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon? I do, which is an admission Read MoreRead More

FotoKem Restores The 1965 Classic, The Sound of Music

Tim Wilson checks out how the 50 year classic The Sound of Music underwent restoration. It’s easy to forget that The Sound of Music was at one time the highest-grossing picture of all time. Adjusted for inflation, its US box office is still #3 all-time, behind only Gone with the Wind and Star Wars. Worldwide, #6 all-time. It’s easy to forget Read MoreRead More

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