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How Costume Designers Make Magic Happen on an Indie Budget

Three costume designers with projects at the Tribeca Film Festival walk us through their methods. Movie magic doesn’t just happen. Certainly it doesn’t for the wardrobe department, and certainly not when the costume designer is operating on the sort of shoestring budget enjoyed by many independent film teams, which is to say a relatively small Read MoreRead More

Why Breaking Box-Office Records Matters to Hollywood More This Year

As the U.S. movie industry gets its swagger back, many believe that making history will send a message to the world Ask a film executive or moviemaker about box office records and they’ll typically react like an awkward baseball slugger. “Shucks,” they’ll mutter. “We’re going to take our best swing and if it happens, it Read MoreRead More

Christopher Nolan on His Gradual Ascent: Young Filmmakers, Stop Rushing

Christopher Nolan reflects on the steps of his career and how he moved from a small no budget film to increasingly big productions. As an interview subject, Christopher Nolan is an expert diplomat: He’s great at sounding forthright while not saying anything particularly revealing. But, holding forth on his career in an hour-long conversation with Read MoreRead More

Mad Men Creator Matthew Weiner’s Reassuring Life Advice For the Struggling Artist

In “Getting There: A Book of Mentors”, the lauded creator candidly revewals his years of struggle and his eventual path to success. I remember studying Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem “Kubla Khan” in high school. According to Coleridge, upon waking from a deep, opium-induced reverie, he recalled a vision and immediately wrote the 54 famous lines. Read MoreRead More

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