Practical Effects & Stunts

The Story of the Original Predator costume

Makeup FX legend Steve Johnson (GHOSTBUSTERS, SPECIES, BLADE 2) sits down with Matt Winston of the Stan Winston School of Character Arts to discuss his nightmare stint as Boss Films’ Creature FX supervisor on the first ill-fated PREDATOR suit, worn by Belgian martial artist and aspiring action star, Jean-Claude Van Damme. So Jean-Claude comes in for his fittings. Remember the cloaking device? Beautiful effect in Read MoreRead More

How they made the biggest stunts in Need for Speed

Ian Failes goes behind the scenes with Scott Waugh on how the created the three major stunts on Need for Speed. Need for Speed director Scott Waugh was once himself a stunt performer and co-ordinator. So when his new film – based on the popular EA video game series – came about, it was clear that Read MoreRead More

Illusion of Space Flight | Shanks FX

To create a spaceship flying through the space, the effects wizards of yesteryear used simple techniques of keeping the model spaceship still, and having the camera move in towards the objects. This would give the illusion that the ship was moving. Watch as Shanks FX try these techniques with the spaceships in his collection!!!  Read More

How to Create a Hobbit-Sized Illusion with Forced Perspective

Ben Lucas explains how to create the illusion of size differences without using any post effects – an old technique called “forced perspective” To pull this off, the most important thing is the set and props. You need items that have a similar shape, but different sizes. I used an orange and a tangerine, an Read MoreRead More

How to Set a Living Room on Fire with VFX in 4K

How do you set a room ablaze without really setting it ablaze or using CGI? Director Brendan Bellomo and DP Greg Wilson discuss their compositing techniques in shooting a promo for the Phantom Flex 4K Nothing in the room above is actually on fire. Nor is there any CGI. Nor was there a big budget Read MoreRead More

Santa Gorilla celebrates the Holidays in Hollywood!

On December 18th, 2013, the Oscar-winning FX team from Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. (ADI) invited us to tag along as they brought Bernie the Gorilla from THE ZOOKEEPER to Hollywood to share the wonder of Practical Effects with tourists and movie fans. His face is animatronically controlled by four puppeteers with ADI co-founder Tom Woodruff Jr. Read MoreRead More

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