What does it mean to “Conform the Negative” on a Film?

Understanding the post production process can be a bit frustrating – the Post Lab asked Producer Will Adashek to elaborate on the meaning of some of these terms. In today’s digital world, what does it mean to “conform” your negative? The digital conform process is actually very similar in concept to the days of editing Read MoreRead More

Tips For Setting Up Your Home Office Without Breaking The Bank

Mike Wilkinson offers a few things to think about when setting up your home office. Desk placement: If you’re lucky enough to have a room all to yourself for an office, consider where the windows are. You don’t want glare to get all over your screen, (I’m looking at you, glossy MacBook Pros!) so consider placing Read MoreRead More

Fun Facts and Dates in Digital Editing ‘Firsts’

Premium Beat looks at some interesting dates in recent history in the exciting but relatively young world of digital editing. Many younger editors have only ever experienced their craft as a digital endeavor, but anyone who has been editing since before the mid-90s certainly remembers the days of analog — when Steenbecks and Moviolas ruled Read MoreRead More

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