Tips For Setting Up Your Home Office Without Breaking The Bank

Mike Wilkinson offers a few things to think about when setting up your home office. Desk placement: If you’re lucky enough to have a room all to yourself for an office, consider where the windows are. You don’t want glare to get all over your screen, (I’m looking at you, glossy MacBook Pros!) so consider placing Read MoreRead More

Fun Facts and Dates in Digital Editing ‘Firsts’

Premium Beat looks at some interesting dates in recent history in the exciting but relatively young world of digital editing. Many younger editors have only ever experienced their craft as a digital endeavor, but anyone who has been editing since before the mid-90s certainly remembers the days of analog — when Steenbecks and Moviolas ruled Read MoreRead More

Blackmagic Announces DaVinci Resolve 10

Blackmagic Design just released the latest version of their incredible coloring platform: DaVinci Resolve 10. Here is a quick overview of what new in 10 and the press release below: Fremont, CA - November 7, 2013 - Blackmagic Design today announced the release of DaVinci Resolve 10, available now for download free of charge for all existing DaVinci Read MoreRead More

List of 335 Free Film Editing Tools and Assets

Vashi Nedomansky compiled a list of 335 free tools and assets that can be used in creating your next project. I’m always on the lookout for tools and assets that make my film editing and post production workflow easier, quicker and more efficient. Many of them can be expensive and very specific to certain tasks…others Read MoreRead More

Learn How You Can Improve the Efficiency of Your Workflow

If you are considering or have already switched to Adobe Premiere Pro for your video editing, then you may want to take advantage of new hardware technologies to improve the efficiency of your workflow. Whether you are a wedding /corporate videographer or indie film maker the demands for delivering great quality, more creative projects with Read MoreRead More

Defining DIT: From Misconception to The Right Tools for the Job

In a Three Part Series: Micah Van Hove interviewed four working DITs (Digital Imaging Technician) from New York and L.A. to help contextualize the role they play and offer insights into the business. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 It’s easy to put an idea in someone’s mind — yet incredibly difficult to bore it out. Somewhere along Read MoreRead More

Tips For Making A Better Video Demo Reel Which Can Get You New Clients

Mike Wilkinson discusses strategies to get your demo reel up to snuff so it can bring in some new business. 1. What kind of a reel are you making? Most of the video guys I know wear many hats. They shoot, edit, direct, light, mix sound in post, do timelapses, etc. That’s great, but for Read MoreRead More

How Alfred Hitchcock hid 10 Edits in Rope

Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rope” was shot and edited to look like one continuous. It turns out there are 10 cuts which Vashi Nedomansky combines together in a sort of supercut. I always knew that some of the cuts were hidden by camera wipes…but never realized there were 5 hard cuts hiding in plain view! It’s also interesting to Read MoreRead More

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