When Black & White Cartoons get the Color Treatment

In the 90s, colorizing old cartoons seemed like a no-brainer, what could distract little tykes better than a swatchful of color? In 1992, Ted Turner, on his colorization bender took a batch of old black and whites, shipped them to South Korea where they were hand traced, colored in and reshot. Read More

The Art of the Title: Rubicon

Rubicon is AMC Original Series that follows a beleaguered and brilliant government analyst who, after being faced with a shocking tragedy, begins to uncover clues that could point to a complex and sinister consipiracy. To portray that paranoia, Creative Director Karin Fong studied infrastructure, battle graphs, and 70s psycho movies to craft the final version of the opening title animation.
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Create Intricate Wipes with Track Mattes (IQ Tutorial)

Add a little extra pizzaz with this basic tutorial demonstrating how to create intricate and mesmerizing wipes in Adobe After Effects and applying them to footage in Adobe Premiere. CS5.5 used for both programs but this technique can be used on older versions of the software.
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