How To Make a Boring Industrial Interesting

Danny Groner offers some tips on how to make what can be a dull industrial video into something that would be worth watching. If you’re making a film entirely on your own, you’ll have full creative control over the script and story. But not all videomakers have that kind of luxury, as they work on projects Read MoreRead More

Head in the Clouds – Adobe Officially Unveils New Creative Cloud

Today at Adobe MAX, an annual celebration of all things Adobe, the multimedia production company launched their vision of what a future Adobe landscape would look like: First the press release: LOS, ANGELES — May 6, 2013— At Adobe MAX, The Creativity Conference, Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) today accelerated its shift to the cloud with a major update toAdobe® Creative Cloud™, the Read MoreRead More

Chroma Subsampling Techniques

The folks behind the Red camera break down the techniques that cameras use to compress color data in this explanation of Chroma Subsampling. This became a central motivation behind early forms of analog and digital compression. Video signals would be separated into a lightness or “luma” component and two color or “chroma” components, similar to how images Read MoreRead More

Closing NAB 2013 Thoughts: Why Adobe Anywhere is the Only Tool That Will Actually Make You a Better Filmmaker

I have a confession. This is not so much a post about the Adobe Anywhere product as it is about my own recent  revelation after going through a rather major and important change in my life and career. I recently expanded out of the comfort of my home office and into an industrial space with Read MoreRead More

A Basic Introduction to Time Remapping in After Effects

This episode of Bammo Basics introduces the Time Remapping process in After Effects – a tool which controls the timing of your footage. It’s demonstrated here as a ramp up and down of speed of footage but it can also be used to control how animations play in a composition.Read More

How the Next Generation of Adobe Video Apps Will Change the World of Editing

The next version of Adobe’s video apps are coming soon, and with the NAB convention less than a week away, Adobe is giving everybody a “Reveal” at some of the newest updates to Production Line. While Adobe has been committed to vertically integrating their products to serve your workflow (such as adding dynamic link to Read MoreRead More

5 Ways the Camera Department Can Help Avoid “Fix It In Post” Headaches

Evan Luzi covers 5 ways that the camera assistant can make the editorial process as simple as possible. Have you looked around on a film set lately? You might notice that production and post-production are beginning to merge. Walter Murch, the “Yoda of editing,” often talks about how he doesn’t think editors belong on set. He thinks Read MoreRead More

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