Exploring the World of Color Theory with a 3D Modeling Program

Mark Meyer renders out 3D models of colorspaces to compare different ways color is recorded. From time to time I post plots of color gamuts like the one above. Each time, I get emails asking how I make them, leading me to assume that the world’s thirst for color nerdiness is going unquenched. I’m setting Read MoreRead More

The Power of a Short and Sweet Demo Reel

Shane Hurlbut shares his tips for an effective demo reel and shares some of his from his early career. In December, I had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with hundreds of filmmakers in Austin, Texas at Masters in Motion. It was an amazing event with an incredible list of educators. I am looking forward to Read MoreRead More

For Your Consideration – Judging the Invisible Art of Editing

Mary Ann Skweres explores the difficult task of judging editing during awards season. Of all the collaborative filmmaking crafts, editing is perhaps the hardest creative art to judge, yet among the most critical in terms of shaping the story. Although during the course of the production the editor usually puts the initial edit together, sometimes with Read MoreRead More

Thunderbolt for the Masses!

Debuting early in 2011, the dual protocol Thunderbolt standard promised dramatically improved transfer performance between peripheral devices and even the ability to daisy chain up to six devices form one port. So why, two years later, is it still considered a marginal technology? Andy Stout reports As the name suggests, Thunderbolt is fast, very fast, Read MoreRead More

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