For Your Consideration – Judging the Invisible Art of Editing

Mary Ann Skweres explores the difficult task of judging editing during awards season. Of all the collaborative filmmaking crafts, editing is perhaps the hardest creative art to judge, yet among the most critical in terms of shaping the story. Although during the course of the production the editor usually puts the initial edit together, sometimes with Read MoreRead More

Thunderbolt for the Masses!

Debuting early in 2011, the dual protocol Thunderbolt standard promised dramatically improved transfer performance between peripheral devices and even the ability to daisy chain up to six devices form one port. So why, two years later, is it still considered a marginal technology? Andy Stout reports As the name suggests, Thunderbolt is fast, very fast, Read MoreRead More

How To Prepare Yourself For RAW with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

The Blackmagic Cinema Camera is starting to get the kinks ironed out and rolling out in mass. But are you ready to shoot with this new format? Ryan E. Walters goes through some of the gotchas with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera workflow. Preparation Prior To Being On Set: Before you even take a step on Read MoreRead More

Color Correcting Tips by Steve Hullfish

Has a director ever asked you if you can fix a few bad shots? Have you struggled to make a final sequence look better? Steve Hullfish brought the art of color correction from the dark arts to the light of day in 2002 with his book Color Correction for Digital Video: Using Desktop Tools to Read MoreRead More

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