A Cinematographer’s Plea to the Budding Film Auteur : Move Your Camera

Cybel Martin implores you to use move the camera – one of the most important elements of developing a personal visual style as a director. I went to a recent screening of “Letter From an Unknown Woman” at MOMA with a friend and fellow Max Ophulsdevotee. As always, I was delighted and swept away by Ophuls’ complex love stories and Read MoreRead More

12 Stanley Kubrick Strategies for Perfecting a Film

Stanley Kubrick’s films and legacy stands in a league in it’s own. Mental Floss’s Meredith Danko looks at 12 ways he worked differently and how these strategies can be used in your productions. 1. ADAPT ANY SOURCE MATERIAL. Kubrick left no stone unturned when it came to genre or source material. He sometimes worked with non-fiction elements Read MoreRead More

How they Shot the Wes Anderson Horror Movie Spoof

DP Alex Buono explains the production process involved in shooting ”The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders” – a spoof that imagines a horror film as directed by Wes Anderson: Let’s start at the beginning. This spot was simply titled, “New Horror Trailer” and when I first glanced at the script on a Wednesday night, I figured Read MoreRead More

Directing Directors on the ‘Right’ Approach to Coaching Actors

Director Mark Travis discusses his experience kibitzing on some acting workshops. I have been directing actors for more than 40 years in theater, film and television. And now, ironically, I teach directors all over the world how to direct actors. I use the Travis Technique, a revolutionary technique that I developed over the past 40 Read MoreRead More

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