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The Color Consistency of House of Cards

Chris Wade noticed something interesting about the color combination of House of Cards – every shot features blue in the foreground and yellow in the back. To be clear, House of Cards has excellent cinematography. Every shot is composed with precision and austere elegance, all emphasizing the cold, calculating world of Frank Underwood. In this podcast interview, the series cinematographer Read MoreRead More

Photography Everyday Superheroes on the Edge of a Skyscraper

Fantasy Photographer Extraordinaire Benjamin Von Wong illustrates how he created these stunning photographs from the top of a 45 story building. Every child has dreamed of being a superhero It’s a fantasy we’ve all had at some point. We imagine ourselves standing on the edge of a building, overlooking the city, hair blowing in the Read MoreRead More

Which Cameras Were Used on the Oscar-Nominated Films of 2015?

Keeping in mind that no camera makes a movie by itself, NoFilmSchool lists the cameras used for the films up for Oscars this year. This year’s Academy Awards is filled with exciting pieces of cinema, from the unique cinematography of Birdman and Ida to the peculiar aesthetic of The Grand Budapest Hotel. Though a camera Read MoreRead More

We Now Know What the Future of Canon DSLR Video Will Be

Want to raise the ire of any online filmmaking forum – mention Canon DSLRs. Well, take a breath, and check out David Shapton’s rational take on the new still camera offerings from Canon that have video as an after thought. Canon has just announced two new members to the EOS 5D family: The 5DS and the Read MoreRead More

Shooting With Drones: Ten tips for filming astounding footage on a shoestring

Sebastian Solberg shares ten tips for getting drone footage effectively and SAFELY. I’ve been working with drones on and off for a few years now but at the end of last year I decided to take the leap and buy one of my own and I haven’t looked back! If you’re wanting to get high-production Read MoreRead More

How to Compose Images with Leading Lines

PhotoVenture looks at leading lines in photography – how can you apply more leading lines in the composition of your shots? Whenever people talk about compositional aids the ‘rule of thirds’ is usually the first topic of conversation. It’s a useful and simple device that can go a considerable way to improving many photographs. ‘Leading Read MoreRead More

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