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The Ultimate Guide to Composition – Part One: Just Say “No”keh

Chris Knight gets deep into composition looking at center composition, rule of thirds, golden triangles and golden spirals. Composition – it’s perhaps one of the most important elements of photography. And with today’s technological marvels in lenses, it’s an even easier thing to forget – especially when bokehliciousis is so much more fun to talk Read MoreRead More

Getting Started With Camera Drones: How One Small Rig Can Add So Much Production Value

Mike Wilkinson shadows Brent Foster, asking questions about how to get started in the exploding world of drone aerial photography. Aerial videos that have been shot by drones have been flooding YouTube for the last few years, especially as the cost and expertise needed to get into it has come down. A birds-eye point of Read MoreRead More

Traveling for Photo/Video? Check out this Tip Handling Your Luggage

Photographer Benjamin Von Wong is no stranger to traveling for his assignments – here he offers a great tip for media professionals when traveling with gear. You’re a location shooter, you travel regularly, you love your off camera battery powered lights and you’re looking to figure out how to bring the most amount of gear Read MoreRead More

Memory cards: How to Choose and Use the Right Storage Device for your Camera

In this jargon-free guide we’ll explain everything you need to know about choosing and using all the different types of memory cards for cameras. It’s easy to take your camera’s memory card for granted. However, you only have to go into a camera shop to realise that memory cards come in a bewildering array of Read MoreRead More

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