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The Pentax 645Z brings Medium Format to Video

Pentax has just announced the 645Z Medium Format camera which will be shipping for just under $8500. What does mean for the filmmaker? Well the DSLR revolution has been dominated by 35mm still frame cameras – now for the first time there’s a larger than 35mm camera on the market that can shoot video.  Here Read MoreRead More

Motivated Camera Movement of Breaking Bad

Editor Vashi Nedomansky analysis a shot from the final episode of Breaking Bad which includes a pivotal reveal. In the final episode of BREAKING BAD…there are two shots in a pivotal scene that are perfect examples of how to use camera movement to amplify the narrative and surprise the audience. With one simple pan and Read MoreRead More

How To Pose And Photograph a Huge Group Shot With Thousands Of People

Shooting large groups is a difficult task – it’s even harder when you’ve got close to a thousand to corral – check out this behind the scenes video about what it takes to craft such a massive photo. Photographing large groups and make the photos look good is always a hard task. Any group of Read MoreRead More

Ode to (21st Century) Cinematographers

Erick Lee cuts together some of his favorite cinematographers from the early 21st century. This is a compilation of SOME of my favorite shots from numerous cinematographers from around the world, roughly during the past decade. Due to not only wanting to keep a consistent look, but to also respect the cinematographers’ work by not re-cropping Read MoreRead More

How to Prep a Camera Package with David Elkins

David Elkins covers basic prep procedures for a 35mm motion picture camera. So you’re heading to a rental house to pick up and prep a camera package, but aren’t quite sure what you’re supposed to actually do for a prep? Well, in a phrase: check everything. Before heading into production, a proper camera prep is crucially important to make sure Read MoreRead More

LensRentals’ New Lens Adjustment Rig is Awesome

If you need something to geek out over – Roger Cicala, founder of LensRentals, shows off his new lens calibrating machine. For the last 18 months or so I’ve been on a Holy Quest, trying to find better ways to optically analyze and adjust bad lenses. Why? Partly because we need to. Factory service just Read MoreRead More

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