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A Guide to Using Consumer LED Bulbs for Photography and Video

Can you use everyday consumer LEDs to light your photos and video? Check out this guide with samples:


Photographing indoors meant, until recently, changing the White Balance in your digital camera to Tungsten. With incandescent light bulbs going the way of the dodo, things are not always easy. Some of the cheap LED (Light Emitting Diode) light bulbs available in the market may give you a whole rainbow of colours during their lifetime, instead of the “white” your eyes seem to see there. Your camera sees differently, you see!

We’re not talking about calibrated LED panels—and even some of the cheaper ones will not offer faithful colour—but common LED light bulbs that are being used nowadays. They represent, for some photographic work, a good option in terms of light, but users have to understand what they can expect in terms of colour, and investigate in their own market which brands work the best.

Use With Any Light You Like

With digital cameras and a digital world, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to light. Small and big LED lights have changed the way we photograph. While with film cameras the emulsions were bought for a specific type of light and then converted to another through the use of filters, if needed, with digital cameras the White Balance can be set for specific situations—Sun, Shadow, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Flash, etc.—and adjusted, in some of them, manually, from values, for example, between 2,000 and 10,000 Kelvin.

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55-Minute Documentary on Alfred Hitchcock: ‘Living Famously’

Check out this in depth look at the master of suspense: Alfred Hitchcock

The program shows how, from his earliest childhood in the suburbs of London, Alfred Hitchcock was a precociously sedentary loner. His active imagination helped him gain an apprenticeship in the fledgling British movie business, from where he travelled to Germany to learn the craft of film-making before returning to make Blackmail. With his script editor wife Alma by his side, Hitchcock made a series of British thrillers including The 39 Steps and The Lady Vanishes, which brought him to the attention of top Hollywood producer, David O. Selznick.

David O. Selznick brought Hitchcock to Hollywood to make the film Rebecca, which, despite the pair’s difficult relationship, gained them the Oscar for best picture. As Hitchcock settled into the Hollywood lifestyle, he embarked on a series of thrillers including Spellbound, Rear Window, North By Northwest and Strangers On A Train that proved his mastery of the silver screen. Working with the best Hollywood actors, Hitchcock imposed his methodical regime and darkest imaginings on his performers, creating some of the genre’s finest moments.

In the late 1950s, he became a star in his own right when he presented his series Alfred Hitchcock Presents… for American television. His reputation for taking his audiences on a roller coaster of terror was cemented by his 1960s films, Psycho and The Birds. Hitchcock sought to control the life of his leading lady, Tippi Hedron, resulting in his being outcast from Hollywood, forcing a return to Britain and a gradual and unwelcome descent into obscurity.

Alfred Hitchcock by Thurston Hopkins

Douglas Trumbull on Temporal Continuity and High Frame Rate

An interview with cinema pioneer Douglas Trumbull about the importance of the temporal continuity between the camera and the projector: to have one camera flash correspond to one projector flash. Trumbull also discusses two 60 fps formats: the Showscan 70mm film system, and his current 60fps 4K 3D Magi system.


Aaron Sorkin: The Press Shouldn’t Help the Sony Hackers

Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin weighs in on the press and the Sony hack from a personal angle.

Aaron Sorkin

LOS ANGELES — THREE weeks ago Sony Pictures Entertainment was the victim of a massive cyberattack by an outlaw group calling itself the Guardians of Peace. They breached Sony’s security and stole tens of thousands of internal documents and emails.

Then they left a threat. The Guardians said they were going to make these private documents public if the studio went ahead with its planned release of “The Interview,” a comedy with Seth Rogen and James Franco in which the two are tasked by the Central Intelligence Agency to whack the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Security outside the theater before the premiere of “The Interview” in Los Angeles last week.Sony’s International Incident: Making Kim Jong-un’s Head ExplodeDEC. 14, 2014
Michael Lynton, chief of Sony Pictures, is said to have sought the support of fellow studio heads.Sony Pictures Demands That News Agencies Delete ‘Stolen’ DataDEC. 14, 2014
Then they left another threat, this one accompanied by violent and disturbing imagery. “Not only you but your family will be in danger,” read a message to all Sony employees. The Federal Bureau of Investigation won’t say much, but it says the hack is sophisticated and backed by a lot of money.

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