If you’ve been following the lateest word on tech you may have seen the buzz around the new Microsoft Surface Studio:

Now just how did they produce that sleek spot? Well as with any piece of high end advertising, it’s a mix of CG renderings and real live practical shooting. To accomplish the elegant precision of movement in the live demos, Microsoft utilized Motorized Precision’s KIRA.


Simply put, camera systems like the KIRA are a dream for any camera movement enthusiast. Check out more details in the article below.

I wanted to know more about the development and production of this commercial, so I reached out to Sean Brown, the President of Motorized Precision. Here’s what I learned about the Microsoft Surface Studio spot.

The Microsoft Hardware Design Team reached out to Motorized Precision to create and execute the motion control shots for the launch video. Shot at Cinerent West in Portland, Oregon, the KIRA was equipped with a RED EPIC DRAGON and Canon 15.5-47 mm lens. 

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