Our friends at Borgus Network have put together a series of interviews featuring filmmaker Foris Day that explore the world of indie film & screenwriting with the top experts in the industry:

Included in this playlist are:

  • Hollywood exec Carole Kirschner tips for moving to Los Angeles:
  • BBC Producer John Yorke on using 5 acts instead of 3 to overcome writer’s block:
  • Emmy nominated producer Troy DeVolld on writing for reality shows:
  • ShareGrid’s Brent Barbano on the future of renting film gear:
  • ‘Alien’ & ‘Total Recall’ writer Dan O’Bannon on keeping the audience awake:
  • Hollywood acting coach Michael Laskin on how to be authentic on screen:
  • 50-year editor Richard Pepperman says editors never stop learning:
  • John Bucher & Jeremy Casper on using old storytelling principles with new media:
  • Professor Joe Gilford on overcoming fears of starting that script:
  • Hollywood’s go-to comedy expert Steve Kaplan on how to write comedy:
  • Director William Dickerson on micro-budget filmmaking:
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