NAB is nothing without the buzz and excitement from big companies offering their latest wares – but truth be told the real joy is finding smaller companies with unique and innovative ideas. Switcher Studio, is one of those companies with a modest footprint on the show floor but a potentially useful product solution.

Basically Switcher Studio allows you to set up a multi-cam live switching shoot using iOS devices as both your cameras and switcher. Show up, put you phones on tripods and start cutting between them live. There’s even screen sharing capabilities so you can use a laptop to do software demos or even cheat and use it as a media store to playback videos.

Multiple cameras is one of those keys to adding value to a live production and as our mobile devices get better and better cameras – incorporating them into a production just makes life easier especially on the low end of production. Sure it has limitations but for $25/month for the pro version, it could be useful for the live interview shooter on a tight budget.

I haven’t personally tried out Switcher Studio except at their demo booth at NAB show 2016. I can’t vouch for how well this works and I do need to handle more robust camera inputs (I’ve been very impressed with vMix which you should check out if you have a dedicated computer for switching), but in talking to Switcher Studio I feel like this is something worth keeping an eye on.

Switcher STudio


And the reason I stopped by… they had candy.



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