Every April video technophiles make their annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas to take part in one the biggest conventions in the video and broadcast world. No I’m not talking about the Movie Theater Owner’s Convention – I’m talking about the NAB show. Previous years have brought us industry trends and breakthroughs like HD, UHD and that one year when everybody was showing off 3D (yeah that went well). With all the filmmaking blogosphere lit up with the latest press releases, we decided to focus on the news from the show that you can actually use… which booths had the best candy.

In the candy arena sadly all the broadcast companies were absent from the playing field. The sprawling displays from Canon, Sony, Red, etc contain NO CANDY whatsoever. Even Blackmagic Design which usually features a new camera that they will ship hopefully a week or two before the following NAB, did not offer free confection to convention goers. The ONLY exception was AVID with a bowl of those chalky peppermint life savers:

Avid Mints

Really… can we even call these abominations “candy”?

In order get real candy you have to turn to the smaller companies who really understand why the public is there in the first place. These more enlightened marketers you can classify into two camps: First the hard candy and chews group:

Digital Anarchy
FujiFilm Peppermins
Sound Ideas Peppermint and Tootsie Rools
AP Mix
Postperspective mix
Screen System Chews
Winstead Jellybeans
DDN starburst

From the striped peppermint with Tootsie rolls, to the assorted Jolly Ranchers and Starburst, the hard candy and chews category is my favorite for conventioneering. Though these booths put up a reasonable fight the ultimate runner up in this category belongs to a small company from Japan called NanGuang. Notice the sparse plating and presentation accentuating the rarity. The candy itself is an import from Japan complete with Japanese characters on the wrapper, my selection was a striped red and white piece with a flavor reminiscent of strawberry shortcake.

Nanguang weird Japanese candy

But the ultimate winner of in the hard candy and chews category belongs to…

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Linux Lollipops

Not only are there Linux Dum Dums and Werther’s Original Caramels – Red Hat’s offering includes Nerds. Nerds are the prized candies of all convention candies – first and foremost because they come in a box. Secondly your Nerds experience can be controlled by how you eat them. For a sweet experience, let them slowly dissolve on your tongue. For a more intense and somewhat sour hit, chew the little buggers to release a flavor explosion.

And now for the category most of you are waiting for – the Chocolate category.

Accuweather Chocolate
Dell Kisses

The Chocolate category saw much fewer entries this year being that chocolate isn’t a very welcome candy in the Las Vegas Heat. Accuweather put up a good entry with a mix of bit sized Hershey bars while Dell’s blue and silver Hershey Kisses are both satisfying and nostalgic. But the Runner Up goes to… Post Magazine

Post Magazine Andes

Andes are so awesome they used to be served with your check at fancy restaurants. That’s how amazing they are. Still despite the fancy name – the winner of the Chocolate category as well as the winner of the sweepstakes title “Booth with the Best Candy” goes to…

KenCast Chocolate


These pieces of chocolate are the diameter of a Reese’s peanut butter cup but twice as thick. And instead of peanut butter, they are one solid chunk of delicious milk chocolate. The sheer amount of chocolate and originality puts this entry head and shoulders above the competition from both the chocolate and the hard candy and chews category. Congratulations to KenCast for their spectacular entry!

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