How a Director Stages and Blocks a Scene – A Filmmaker IQ Course!!!

How a director stages a scene dramatically affects the story – in this experiment at YouTube Space LA, we take a boilerplate police detective script and shoot it five ways with five different types of blocking to demonstrate how direction and acting can really change the feel of a scene.

This experiment will take the exact same script shooting the scene using standard over the shoulder back and forth – advanced over the shoulder with business, a One Take shot, a Romantic comedy blocking and a Zucker Brothers style comedy.

Very recently we shared a video on how Hitchcock blocks a scene where I took some reservations about ascribing too much forethought into a Hitchcock directed scene. Much of my experience in this and previous filmmaking experience has shown that blocking dialogue scenes does require a great deal more collaboration than just storyboarding precise movements. I hope this demonstrative experiments shows a lot of what can happen on set.