So here’s our first trailer:

I try to come from a positive place when it comes to upcoming movies and give filmmakers the benefit of the doubt. I like every actor in the trailer. I like Ghostbusters. But there’s something empty about this. Perhaps it’s the ghost of Peter Venkman. Egon was the nerd, Ray (Stantz – I had to look that name up) was the crazy conspiracy guy, Winston (Zeddemore – again another lookup) was the average dude – Venkman was the comedic commentary. Here, I’m guessing Leslie Jones is going to be the commentary/average person with the street smarts, Kate McKinnon will be the engineering nerd (which is odd because she’s constantly grinning in the trailer – a total reverse from Egon) and Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig are going to be themselves I guess.

Nevermind that really weird voice over by Kristen Wiig saying “someone is creating a device that’s amplifying paranormal activity” – it really sticks out as a weird tacked on piece of exposition.

1271033 - THE WALK

Perhaps I’ve been mistaken that this film was suppose to be a “soft reboot” the way that Star Wars Episode 7 was – Passing the mantle on to a new crew. That’s the way the trailer sets it up… but then we’re seeing the exact same thing again, just with sharper and brighter colors (that color green kind of takes me back to the 90s). No this is a total remake, and maybe I’m just not really down with that.

Oh well, I guess I’ll leave you with the trailer for the original:

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