Prior to a shoot, check in with director, AD, and DP about what time you’ll need actors and crew members. This may be difficult depending on the nature of your crew members: each of those positions is juggling their own set of variables and problems to solve so they may be slow to reply. That being said, be prepared for last minute changes.

Gather all email information and phone numbers for cast and crew well before shooting begins. Studio Binder is a great resource for inviting cast and crew to a project and compiling a digital contact sheets.

If at any point you are writing someone’s name, double-check you are spelling it correctly. You won’t find a faster way to soil the egos of talent or directors if you butcher their last name or misspell their first. Most of all, it indicates a sense of carelessness which is the last thing you want to do as the 2nd AD. This is one of the reasons that Studio Binder provides cast and crew the option to over-ride their contact details. Who better to proof the names of cast and crew, but themselves.

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