and RØDE Microphones are proud to give you a sneak peak at the first lesson in our six part course which will cover science/microphones, recording, editing, foley, and ADR. We are also hard at work behind the scenes updating the site to include even more interaction which should be live in the coming weeks. Until then – enjoy this lesson on the history of sound at the movies.

The inclusion of sound at the movies was one of the most dramatic changes in all of film history. Dive into the early experiments of Edison trying to incorporate sound from film’s inception, through the experiments in the early 1920s, the Jazz Singer and the industry sound overhaul, and finally the multi-channel surround and modern movie sound technologies.


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Hi I am new I want to learn how to do very basic foley and how to record on this site or forum where do I go?

God Bless

Gregory Speed

What is foley?

Jeffry Heise

Surprised that no one noticed that when the narrator mentions A STAR IS BORN from 1976, artwork for the 1954 version is what is shown. Otherwise a fascinating video with genuinely well done narration.

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