Max O’Connell asks if you can distill the history of Hollywood into just 10 representative films.

Pulp Fiction

Almost every film fanatic has a list of favorite films, but is it possible to sum up the history of the movies with a short list of the essentials? Robbie Collin of The Telegraph had a slightly less difficult task in using only ten films to illustrate the history of Hollywood, from the silent era to the superhero age. Collin chose to eschew obvious picks like “Citizen Kane,” “Vertigo” and “The Godfather” in order to use slightly less canonical movies (emphasis on “slightly”). The films are, in order:

“One Week” (1920), Buster Keaton
“It Happened One Night” (1934), Frank Capra
“Stagecoach” (1939), John Ford
“Out of the Past” (1947), Jacques Tourneur
“An American in Paris” (1951), Vincente Minnelli
“Point Blank” (1967), John Boorman
“The Conversation” (1974), Francis Ford Coppola
“Back to the Future” (1985), Robert Zemeckis
“Pulp Fiction” (1994), Quentin Tarantino
“The Dark Knight” (2008), Christopher Nolan

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