Dive underwater with Benjamin Von Wong for an epic photoshoot as well as 3 quick tips on how to succeed in the artistic field.




Ever since my first shoot underwater, I’ve been dreaming of taking shoots out of a swimming pool into a shipwreck so when my parents told me to take some time off and go on a vacation in Bali I leaped at the opportunity to put together this shoot.

Up to this point, I didn’t yet have my dive certification but since I was a strong swimmer with underwater photography experience, I felt confident that I could pull things together if I had the right team around me. And so the search began as always on facebook, reaching out to my fans and seeing if someone knew somebody that could help.

Turns out the head of the Asian Dive Expo, Cassandra Ann Dragon was tuned into my adventures and enthusiastically recommend underwater photographer and dive instructor Chris Simanjuntak to me.

I sat down with him on my first day in Bali while my parents went touring and we began to line up the elements that we would need to bring our shoot to life – Free Divers, Dresses, Makeup, Location, Time, Constraints, Gear…

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