Proof’s Previs Supervisor Monty Granito talks about the transition from storyboard to previs and how they imagined Captain America.


Los Angeles-based visualization house Proof Inc. recently provided extensive previs and postvis services for the new Marvel Entertainment film Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

“This new film was an extremely important project for Proof,” said Proof’s founder/creative director Ron Frankel. “In fact, this was the biggest previs and postvis assignment in the history of our company. Previs has clearly become a critical element today as a story tool in the planning of action sequences within a 3D environment. We spent 14 months planning the previs for this new Captain America film, and then another eight months during the postvis process.”

“We began animating the previs for the film six months prior to the start of production,” explained Proof’s previs supervisor Monty Granito. “Working directly from the script, we created a number of exciting sequences, such as when Cap squares off against the Quinjet, jumping onto it and destroying it, and when the Helicarriers take off and shoot each other and fall into buildings.”

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