If you’ve ever used Google, Netflix, Facebook, or Amazon (and we’re guessing that you have), then you’ve come into contact with algorithms. In fact, it’s guaranteed that your life has been impacted by algorithms, even in ways you’re unaware of (assuming you INTERNET… which, again, we’re guessing that you have…) The point is, the importance of algorithms in today’s world cannot be overstated, and their role has been the focus of much discussion- how they’re shaping our lives, for better or for worse. But, how far does the algorithmic rabbit hole go, could their influence even have spiritual correlations?!

You Talkin' to Me?

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When he speaks about the concept of the ‘filter bubble’ I am reminded of this passage from French historian/philosopher Michel Foucault’s, “Power/Knowledge” pg. 85:

“What types of knowledge do you want to disqualify in the very instant of your demand: ‘Is it a science’? Which speaking, discoursing subjects – which subjects of experience and knowledge do you then want to ‘diminish’ when you say: ‘I who conduct this discourse am conducting a scientific discourse, and I am a scientist’? Which theoretical-political avant garde do you want to enthrone in order to isolate it from all the discontinuous forms of knowledge that circulate about it?”

So while I might agree that the ‘filter bubble’ may be a bit alarmist, I still feel as though there is something to be said about the dangers of silencing other voices.

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