Martin Scorsese opens up about his work and life in the Q&A session after a screening of his latest The Wolf of Wall Street.

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The New York born and raised Scorsese has cemented his legendary status with each passing film he’s directed (a whopping 25 in total) beginning with his career-making Mean Streets in 1973 starring his future long-time collaborator Robert DeNiro. The majority of his films have been set in New York including the aptly namedNew York, New York in 1977. After receiving five nominations for Best Director at the Academy Awards, he finally won in 2007 for his exceptional Irish gangster thriller, The Departed(2006), which gave him the recognition he had long deserved. Since then he’s also been nominated as a director for his family adventure film, Hugo.

Martin Scorsese took the stage to a roaring standing ovation after the screening for a Q&A, moderated by SSN’s Dina Gachman.  Scorsese began the conversation by speaking of Wolf‘s development.  Not just a pretty face, DiCaprio is also a producer on the project after winning the rights to the novel of the same name in 2007 and Warner Bros. bought the rights.  Due to the hard R content in the story, Scorsese and Warner Bros. had long discussions over the script’s content, says Scorsese, “From the first two minutes, from the first page, questions started coming up.”  Amicably, Warner Bros. left the picture and DiCaprio found a new financier, Red Granite Pictures.  “The only thing I really wanted was the freedom to get what I wanted on film. We don’t have to use it all.  I’ve been making pictures since Mean Streets in 1973.  I’ve dealt with the MPAA since 1973,  we negotiate, we work.  I’d like to get it on film at least and get rid of it if I don’t need it and [Red Granite] promised me that.” With that freedom offered, Scorsese was able to push himself into the energy of the piece and  decided to direct the picture.

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