In this first part of three, Shane Hurlbut details the gear required to turn a Canon 1DC into a cinematic capturing beast.


“It Starts With a Cage”

My team and I shot 75% of the film Act of Valor on the Canon 5D MKII. When we finished that project, my elite team and I quickly realized that we needed to cage these cameras.This was essential so that we could add all the necessary accessories for the camera team to make it function more like a professional film/video camera. Kurt over at View Factor hooked us up with the first caged 5D MK II. It was so awesome, all powered and ready to rumble. I know that many of you still like the feel of your camera in stripper mode (which is just the body and a lens of choice). That is wonderful for some shooting, but having it a little more production friendly is what I would advise. Zacuto , Redrock , View Factor , and Letus make some great cages.

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