Take a look behind the parallax of Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity which had it’s 3D work done at Prime Focus World.

Roto Gravity

Prime Focus World ended up converting 27 minutes in Gravity: 85 shots including one shot that was comprised of 15,531 frames and lasted over 10 minutes 47 seconds.  PFW’s View-D Conversion & Production work was primarily done in London and India.

But, unlike the more typical post-production 3D conversion, Gravity involved PFW working on the 3D conversion duringproduction. The work on 3D conversion began with six months of pre-production, during which the production’s Stereo Supervisor Chris Parks worked closely with the PFW team to explain his carefully plotted depth map, which contrasted the vast emptiness of space with the tight, nearly claustrophobic quarters of the space capsules.

From the beginning, the challenge for Prime Focus World would be to make sure that the 3D converted footage integrated seamlessly with the extensive 3D CGI. Both the live action footage and CGI would be 3D, but 3D from two different worlds, conversion and visual effects – and they would both be active or “live” during the production process. At the same time, the PFW team wanted to retain the creative flexibility of its View-D conversion process, while integrating the stereo VFX universe. What made it trickier was that, unlike a completed film, Prime Focus would be working with work-in-progress shots and an open edit. 

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