Faith Fuller provides a top ten list of things to do to get some cash to make your documentary come true.

  1. Fundraising Trailer – Your number one priority when raising money for your film is to create a fantastic fundraising trailer.  This is how you pull people into your idea and build buzz for your project.  Keep in mind that a fundraising trailer is not a mini-version of your documentary. This is a teaser meant to give people a taste of your vision and to leave them wanting more!
  2. Build A Team – People are much more willing to donate to a “team” vs. an “individual.”  On top of that, they are much more likely to donate to an EXPERIENED team.  So if you are a brand new filmmaker, make sure to recruit partners who can add credibility to your project.
  3. Relationships – this is one of those vague concepts that is a fundamental aspect of raising money.  People donate to people they know, like and trust.  You can build relationships all kinds of ways: through social media, commenting through your blog, interacting with people at events, inviting people to lunch, etc.   The important thing is to put yourself out there, get to know people and let them get to know you!

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