Rob Ager goes deep in the rabbit hole looking at the surprising abundant continuity errors found in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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Timothy Mundorff on Facebook


I’m 55 years old and saw the movie when it came out at the age of 10. I have since seen it over 200 times.

I love when someone takes note of Kubrick’s masterpiece and I would LOVE to spend a great deal of time on responding to this, but I just don’t have the time.

I will say, with all due respect sir because I do not mean to seem belligerent ( I love that you have done all this, remember) but there is a difference between a “continuity error” and a “cheat”. For instance, the shot “from outside the room” in the end from behind the bed is a cheat, sir, not a continuity error or a mistake. Movies are replete with these sorts of cheats.

There is enormous power in the cheat. The beginning director must learn to see through what seem to be restrictions imposed by the layout of the set and the “logical” position of the actors and gain a good sense of how far these limits can be pushed to get the shot.

Very interesting also your lighting remarks. A lot of this, I think, is in keeping with simply Kubrick endeavoring to have well-lit, well composed shots. Remember, Kubrick began as a still photographer. These lighting variations are cheats as well. Also, remember that ALL comps in this era were done in optical printer passes and were VERY expensive to re-do. And re-shooting was probably nearly impossible budget or schedule-wise. Please consider this.

Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but you did not identify what are some actual, very horrible continuity errors in Dave’s positioning in his chair from shot to shot when HAL is “interviewing” him during his “crew psychology report”. THOSE, sir, are continuity errors!

I hope you accept my cursory review of your report.

Thanks! This is wonderful to see!

Jason Becker on Facebook

Ugh, how exhausting…

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Sandro Oli Vieira, Rodrigo Fonseca, Rodrigo Tarifa, se liguem na quantidade de erros de continuidade da parada.

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