Brian Hallett opens up his camera bag for a glimpse of what he uses on the go when shooting with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.


When I shoot with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera… I am on the move. In the car. Out of the car. One minute I am walking up the Korean War Veteran’s Bridge over Nashville to get a sunset shot and the next I’m hoofing it down riverside to shoot an Anchor stand-up. If it doesn’t fit in my back pack or in my two hands… it gets left behind.

Needless to say, my backpack is full, heavy, and my favorite companion. Many times I’ll use the side straps to carry electrical cords or a reflector. And, the times I carry my Anton Bauer Battery I make a compromise and pull something out to make room. Thankfully I have my Pathfinder to haul the rest of my gear, and I have the luxury of knowing what I’m shooting in advance. This allows me to adjust the equipment to what will work best each shoot.


Tokina 11-16mm, Canon 50mm, Canon 85mm, and a Canon 28mm. It’s not much but it gets the job done, and it forces me to think clearly about the composition before I set up my slider. When I have more of a documentary style shoot I add my Canon 18-135mm. It’s not the best on the BMCC, and I’ll likely purchase the Sigma 18-35 to replace it soon. The best way to shoot with a prime on the BMCC is to hand-hold the camera, find your shot, and then build up your slider. The Tokina 11-16 is a decent wide lense for most situations. If you want the film-look or shallow depth of field with the BMCC then you’ll need a lens that opens up to a F/2.0. The longer the lens the more you can stop down, but I typically find myself shooting on the 28mm, 50mm, and 85mm around F/2.0 to F/4.0.

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