Vashi Nedomansky explains the process of using models and forced perspective to create some convincing high dollar effects.

The wonderful aspect of using models is that once you position them and get your camera angle…they are part of the scene. The sun and your lights strike them naturally and if your perspectives are correct, everything blends together in a seamless fashion. If the model is the slightest bit off, the illusion is ruined and falls apart. In this example, we were shooting on a Panasonic HVX-170 with a 1/3? sensor at the widest lens setting, so depth of field was not an issue. I was at f/11 and everything from one foot to infinity was in focus. The Humvee was about 2 feet from the camera and the actors were 40 feet away. Here is the Humvee visual effects shot at the beginning of the scene as it plays in the film. | Read the Full Article

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