To figure out how to create a trailer that sells, Chris Jones compares and contrast the trailer cut by the filmmakers of “Dead Wood” and the trailer cut by Lionsgate after they purchased the film for distribution.

The Filmmaker’s cut:

Lionsgate’s cut:

1. Watch 100 trailers for movies in the same genre and steal the best ideas. This is not art, this is sales.

2. Go in hard, VERY hard, and shave out every unnecessary frame. This is a SALES TOOL.

3. Sound – get the mix right, it should be punchy – the difference between these two trailers is in many ways more pronounced in the sound mix.

4. Music – there are tons of great trailer music tracks now online, some very cost effective. Get the BIG music. Check out  ‘Two Steps From Hell’ (Youtube clip below with three hours of their stuff (you will need to licence for your film of course).

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