Jerry Kokich explains the advantages of using stock footage as a stand in for creating complicated sequences.

There was a post on a Facebook filmmaking page about shooting a sunset. This guy was asking for technical suggestions as to how to deal with the changing light, camera and color balance. There were all these lengthy answers about elaborate f and T stops, shutter speeds, angles to the setting sun, lens flare, you name it. I said this:

“Use stock footage.”

To my utter astonishment, I got no reply, no acknowledgement of my suggestion, and the complex solutions kept coming from these so-called filmmakers. There are many advantages of using stock footage…

But before I go there, keep in mind that if there’s a specific character you need to be walking through or off into that sunset, okay, you MIGHT need to actually film it, but there was none of that in the initial post. This guy just wanted to shoot a sunset.

My answer was the best, hands down, end of story, period, but these idiots, who call themselves filmmakers, didn’t even acknowledge the existence of stock footage.

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Thurman Dalrymple, Jr.

But what did you expect from idiots?

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