David Leitner details the HD and 4K formats of the C100, C300, C500, and 1D C and explores the cameras’ ergonomics, lens options, sensors, and other features.

David Leitner goes in-depth with the C100 and C300 Cinema EOS cameras, highlighting their HD recording modes, ergonomics, and special features.

Part 3 of the six-part series on Canon’s Cinema EOS focuses on the C500 and the EOS-1D C, two cameras that can facilitate 4K capture in very different ways. The 1D C records compressed 4K internally to CF cards, while the C500 can record to capable external recording devices that capture either compressed or raw 4K.

David Leitner describes the different workflows for the 4K, 2K, and HD recording associated with the Canon C500, focusing on the external recorders and different workflow options available.

The universe of EF-mount lenses, not only DSLR but also Canon’s Cinema EOS primes and zooms. And PL versions of the C500 and C300 are compatible with Canon’s PL Cinema EOS zooms as well lenses from a broad range of third-party manufacturers such as Zeiss, Cooke, and Angenieux

David Leitner walks us through the results of a recent 4K test shoot with the C500 camera and an AJA Ki Pro Quad recorder. In great detail he explains his workflow and the advantages of shooting 4K with the C500 and Canon Cinema EOS compact zooms.

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