Eric Gurian’s career spans from a real NBC Page to a executive vice president of Tina Fey’s Little Stranger Productions. He talks about wrapping up the iconic comedy and how the original web content worked in tandem with the show’s final season episodes.


SSN: Webisodes are supposed to complement and add value to a show. As it was 30 Rock’s final season, were there even more intentions and goals for the webisodes? 

Gurian: That’s two-fold because we did the docu-series where we followed the production of the show from the first episode of the final season. That was for the fans as much as it was a video yearbook for us … When we knew it was going to be the last year, everyone was sentimental and appreciative … and people were willing to be on camera. And Tina, who was always a huge supporter of doing stuff online from the very beginning, started doing “Ask Tina” in season two or three. How many people who are triple threats like her and don’t have any free time, will still make time to answer fan questions every week? That helped us a lot.

As far as the final season, we didn’t do as much fictional stuff. That was a conversation I had with Tina and Robert (Carlock) … because we should let what’s on TV speak for itself, and not overly supplement it. Except we did really want to do one final Kenneth video because Jack McBrayer was the first person to let us film him for online. “Kenneth the Web Page” was the first thing we did and we wanted to close out with him.

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