Sometimes asking your friends who aren’t in the industry to help out isn’t such a good idea.

No Friends

I am not talking about working with people that you like and are friendly with because if you only worked with people you did not like than life would not be very good. I am talking about people that you are friends with outside of work, could be friends you have had all your life or friends from school. If you hang out with these people regularly outside of a professional working environment then you may want to think twice before you hire them.

Sure it is great to get to go to work and have your bestie there all the time but you have to stop and ask yourself; is this the best person for this job?

I am not denying that there are circumstances where working with your best friend is a good thing and it works well but for the most part it causes problems and maybe not always for you but for the other people on set.

When friends come to set, especially friends that don’t work in this industry regularly, they tend to not take things very seriously. They are on set for the excitement and the fun of it, not to work hard. When I ask someone to do something that is their job I expect them to do it and not hesitate, complain or take their time doing it. If you are coming to work then work!

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everyone has to start somewhere and to do so has to know someone who can give them a start.

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