Nicolai Konow and researchers of Brown University are using high speed x-ray cameras to get an inside into the way skeletons of small animals move.

Slow Motion X-Ray Camera

Wildlife researchers now have a much clearer idea of how bats fly, thanks to the wicked-looking X-Ray video above that shows the animal’s skeleton at work.

Nicolai Konow of Brown University explains that scientists weren’t quite sure how the small mammals generated extra wing power for take-off and gaining altitude. But video recently shot using the school’s complex X-Ray Reconstruction of Moving Morphology (XROMM) camera system show how the critters do it.

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Bo Asciu on Facebook

Yes it’s called flapping. How do they fly with cancer? Does the added weight make them flap faster? I think slow mo non x-ray video could give the same insights. Why must we irradiate the poor bats to entertain our curiosity? Are we aspiring to fly like bats? Will bat flight enlighten us in our efforts to fly better? I don’t think a plane that flys like bat would make for pleasant trip. Poor bat is now bed ridden in a cancer clinic but heck what sacrifice is one bat for the sake of trivial curiosity? Of course I’m being facetious but with reason .

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