Camera and Production Supply Mega-Store B&H Photo Video present this series for capturing Audio on DSLR cameras.

In this video we look at ways to improve the in-camera audio on “run & gun” style, single-operator shoots using camera mountable mics that plug directly into the camera’s 3.5mm external mic input.

In this video we talk about different XLR microphones used in video production and show you how to use XLR adapters to record to your DSLR’s audio tracks.

In the final part of our Audio for DSLR series, we look at ways to improve the audio on your DSLR shoots by recording to a separate device other than the camera. Including portable audio recorders, field mixers and recorders, and a camera mountable microphone with built-in flash recorder.

You Talkin' to Me?

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Watch this…please! And do it. I have decided recently, I am tired of pretending when Indy movies sound is terrible. (And most of them are). From now on, I will boo loudly. I am not the only one, either. Others feel as bad about sucky Indy movie sound.

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