When blocking your actors – put some space and atmosphere behind the actors and get them away from the wall.

I have seen this a lot in low budget films recently, and it’s a dead giveaway of the budget. We have our actors sat at a table, against a wall. We have our actors in a corridor, stood against a wall. We have our actors at a party chatting,against a wall.

I get why this happens. When shooting, we often don’t have the resources to create the world for the scene, so we stand our actors against the wall and create the world with sound effects, cutaways, occasional extras and sometimes explanatory dialogue.

In a worst case scenario, this will work. Of course you then need to rely entirely on performance and script and hope the audience remain engaged.

Sometimes, it’s unavoidable though.

But if you can, try and create a world beyond the actors. Spaces with depth.

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