The Patterns of Screenwriters

Script Consultant Julie Gray writes about patterns she sees over and over again in screenwriters – how many of them are applicable to you?

In my experience reading and analyzing scripts on a daily basis for the past several years, I have become very aware of patterns. I work with hundreds of writers. I attend screenwriting events. I am right in the thick of it. And like an ER doctor who has seen everything, I have pretty much seen it all. Things delight me – but nothing really surprises me anymore. Nobody likes to think that rather than being an individual, they are a statistic. But we are all statistics. Married, divorced, college-educated, not college-educated, white, black, Latino, Asian, middle child, youngest, employed, unemployed – there are patterns in society and they serve a purpose. They tell us who we are collectively – and individually. There are exceptions to every pattern and to every rule. But here are some patterns I have noticed, over and over again:

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