The Stan Winston School shows off the real life monster-making workshop as they work on a 12 ton, 1,000 horsepower dinosaur.



Among the new dinosaurs created for JURASSIC PARK III was the massive Spinosaur, which was sculpted by key artist Joey Orosco in one-sixteenth-scale, from sketches by SWS concept designer Mark “Crash” McCreery.  Real-life scientific discovery informed the movie’s fictional world. “Scientists had found a Spinosaur skull just as Jurassic Park III was going into preproduction,” said Orosco, “and that’s why the filmmakers had wanted a Spinosaur in the movie.


Artists Joey Orosco, John Rosengrant, Trevor Hensley, Rob Ramsdell and Paul Mejias produced an eight-foot-long, one-fifth-scale Spinosaur maquette.  Full-scale computer-milled foam pieces, created from a cyberscan of the maquette, formed the basis for the full- size animatronic.

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