Take a tour of food photographer Teri Campbell’s beautiful studio.

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Typical photography studios are defined by their high ceilings, lack of windows, piles of equipment and sparse furnishings. But when I began renovating my current studio, (twelve years ago), I knew I wanted something different. I wanted a space that was bright and made my clients feel at home. A space that was full of color and energy. A space that told my clients, I understood, (and appreciated) good design.

I also wanted to create this kind of space, because of the type of work I do – food photography – takes time… it takes time for the food stylist to prepare the food, it takes time for us to position the lights and get everything ready. If the clients are standing on concrete floors and staring at cinder block walls, they might start to get a little antsy. If they are sitting in a comfortable chair drinking coffee, they are not in my face wanting to know “how long this is going to take!”

Here’s a behind the scenes look at our studio and how we use it.

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